Communication for research

Hi dear friends,
I am back to Switzerland, to my school EPFL. I had two wonderful secondment months in Berlin.

Just after coming back, I had the opportunity to participate in the communication-for-research course to learn how to communicate with people in order to share knowledge. Using words on papers, drawings, posters, talks or videos, how can we reach our interlocutors? improve our language?
Teachers gave us pieces of advice. I will share with you the best off  and the video that I made to practice their advice.

1. Practice your presentation until it becomes natural
2. Use body language to reflect what you are telling
3. Use colors but respect contrast and blinded color people (red is seen like green)
4. Make your friends correcting your writings before sending to your supervisor
5. Discuss ideas with friends (from discussion we develop knowledge).
6. Posters, blogs, drawing and videos are the best simple ways to share scientific knowledge


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