The magic behind teamwork

Hi everyone,
   I hope you are all doing very well. Last week was the second training week of our project, where we meet students, supervisors and some guests to share ideas, projects, and research.
During this training week, we had the opportunity to follow different lectures, good ones and boring one as well, hhhhhh just joking.

                                                 Inauguration of our 2 training week

We also presented our research plan to define some collaboration between us. And inside this work atmosphere, we created funny and memorable moments.

                                                          Have dinner together

I want to share with you the most important and useful lecture for me during this week. It is about the science of team working. During the last day, we had the opportunity to meet a special person who is using magic of psychology to improve team working.
By the way of our sitting, he was thinking that we are not a team!

He asked us to share unique thing with the others like an icebreaker activity. We started sharing normal things. He gave us then a moment of silence. After this activity he started to share with us personal touching details from his private life. It was strange. Even if we just met him, he succeeded to touch us and won our respect. He asked us to do the same. Some people did, and the stories were sad. I kept silent because I don't have a sad story, I have a different story. I want to share it with all of you:  I am a feminist and proud to be. I cannot be friend of people who underestimate women in any way. We still can talk, be normal but never more. For team working, respect and even friendship are needed. So for me, people like that cannot be a part of my team. In the opposite I appreciate too much people who show respect to women in front of me (their friends, girl-friend, wife or daughter), they will be always special. Thank you for making the world nice place for us.

                                                           Icebreaker: me breaking the ice 😜

After this hard activity, it was time for fun. He asked us to write and vote for general values that we judge important for our teamwork.

                                            mmmm Thinking about our team values

And the result:

We found with democratic voting that Pleasure, Creativity, Curiosity and Trust are the most important values for us to ensure good collaboration.
Wish us good luck for the next year.

Greeting from Lausanne, Switzerland


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