Let's change our perspective!

One year in my career as a Ph.D. student. Too much of hard work, concentration, and stress. 
Because of the deadlines, small achievements, and the stress due to work I always forgot that I am a part of a project making from the Ph.D. life a good and an international experience. But how can a research project be a life experience? The answer is simple: we should just change our perspective
Change the way by which we are observing things.

different perspectives
When I came first to Lausanne to start my Ph.D., I did not know what to expect. I was afraid and at the same time I had a huge energy, I was happy because I will travel to do research and discover new places and cultures.
It was hard to leave my family and friends, to come to a new country where I do not know anyone. 
I was lucky to find my Iranian flatmate, a Ph.D. student like me.  She integrated me into the Ph.D. life very well: I started to discover her rich culture: civilization, tradition, meals, language, and people. We found a lot of similarities between our cultures. It was different from what media shows us. I learned that the best way to discover a culture is to meet and exchange with people. It was a nice experience.                      
Our Iranian - Moroccan table
Then I had the opportunity to meet the other ESRs in Infrastar project, from nine countries, and with our supervisors, we are 13 nationalities. How exceptional that with all our differences, we were working on the same project. I learned the real meaning of diversity and tolerance.
In the context of the project, we meet each other each year, and we have to do secondment in other places to collaborate with other ESR. My first secondment was in Berlin. I had the opportunity to discover the German culture, food, architecture, history, language and more. Now I am taking German courses.   
in Berlin wall

In addition, I made friends with many Chinese. I had the opportunity then to see how kind and modest they are. I ate different Chinese meals and discovered that my name is also Chinese name for girls. I wrote my name in Chinese characters and I decided to visit this country soon.
Being a Ph.D. student does not mean staying for 3 or 4 years in the office, in front of a computer. It is the art of doing science. I am giving my mind to research to be able to give my heart to culture, art, and languages. 
My name in Chinese

It was my sum up of 2017 from a different perspective.
I wish that this new year will be full of health, love, success and a lot of achievement. Happy new year to you all.
Infrastar team wishing you a happy new year


  1. Imane, ur post is so optimistic, I like ur attitude. I wish you all the best in ur rest of life :) much much love and kisses

  2. thank you my sweety, wish you all the best 😊


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