The 'outside view' of INFRASTAR project

Hi dear friends, I come back to my blog 😊. This time I want to tell you about a special experience I had last week in Cologne (Köln), Germany.

The outside view of Köln
It was the first implementation day in the context of INFRASTAR project. The idea of this event was meeting the advisors (people who evaluate the progress of the project) and other external people doing research and from different industrial fields.
For me it was an opportunity to meet again the big INFRASTAR team.

Presenting our posters
After presenting our topics, we had the opportunity to discuss questions and answers with the advisors and the 'external' experts. Round-tables were organized for this aim.
During our discussions, I saw INFRASTAR project and my PhD topic from an 'outside view'.
Those experts had spent their life searching for practical solutions to the principal objectives of our project. They didn't find direct answers and ready solutions but either, ways to deal with each problem. Today, they are opening the doors to new generations to continue searching for more ways or new solutions and answers.

They were very interested in our small achievements, and they were very open to discuss and give golden advises to drive our research plan.
In their eyes and way of speaking and advising, I could see their interest and passion for what they are and we are doing.

I was thinking before that my topic is like solving a mathematical problem, and I am good in that; I just need to understand well the problem and follow logic to come to the solution, one solution, even with different ways. But, the experience of the 'outside view' with the external experts shows me that research is not like a mathematical problem, it is more complicated. Understanding the problems and finding the logic behind needs maybe generations to figure out. And each generation should give the flame to the new generation.

I liked too much these two days break to discover the 'outside view' of our project, with people from research, industry and even people who take the big decisions.
And the Research Must Go On.

Greetings from Cologne


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