Training school, a trip to Nantes

INFRASTAR projet took us this time to Nantes. Toward lectures and teaching tools without forgetting the most important part: FUN.  French gastronomy, a tour guide in Nantes and unforgettable dinners with beautiful people.



The training school was a good experience to design exercises that help students retain information and gain real insight in their fields.
I learned how to not be afraid of making mistakes, how to deal with students from different fields and how to provide clear guidance for the exercises. I will be honest, I have never liked teaching, but after this activity, I was very excited and happy to see that my ‘students’ could retain some useful information and come to discuss more the topic after.
Exercise time

People from outside the project join the school to discover our work. It was encouraging to see that many master students, PhD students, engineers and professors from different fields were all curious about INFRASTAR project. And it was also stressful for us because we must give the best impression and present well what we did during the last two years.

This week was an opportunity to do networking and expand our LinkedIn connections.

And get our certificates:

With our Marie Curie projet INFRASTAR, work is often linked to fun, as we can see:

Infrastar ESRs team




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