About my PhD 😊

Hi everyone,
First, I want to present you my blog 😊.
In the context of my PhD work, my program Infrastar, Marie Curie actions, assists us to write frequently a friendly journal about our work or PhD life for our personal development. Oooh yes! With Marie Curie Project, the PhD is not just a lot of articles simulations and experiments, there is more…
What? Mmmm

Traveling around the world with training weeks and obligatory secondments (Berlin (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland), Paris (France), Krakow (Poland), Alborg (Denmark), I don’t remember the others πŸ˜‹. The program enables us also to work with people from different countries and to collaborate and share knowledge, culture and experiences. I do not want to give you just good points about this program but the salaries are also high than normal PhDs πŸ˜. 

I have discovered Marie Curie program by luck in ABG (http://www.intelliagence.fr/ ). I wanted to work in civil engineering research; I have searched many different topics until I found this program. The conditions to apply were difficult (hhhh at least for me πŸ˜‘), it is not just about your resume and cover letter but you should present all your degrees and write at least four pages to explain the topic in which you are interested (12 topics in different countries). To be honest, I was a bit afraid when I saw that I should explain the topic and that the project is EuropeanπŸ’­πŸ’­. I was thinking that even if I write very good introduction and present all the documents, they would not choose me, since I am not European.  However, in the next days I could not stop thinking about the global experience I can have with such kind of PhD ❤ .