Working in Berlin

Hello dear friends, I hope you are doing well. I want to tell you about my traveling to Berlin: 2 months of work and fun 😁.

Visiting Berlin museums with other ESRs working in Berlin
In the museum of science, we found  a smart sewing machine, we printed the logo of our project INFRASTAR by discovering how this 3D printer works 😏.

Horstwalde beam test
Having a hard working day in Horstwalde to try different non destructive techniques for beam monitoring. 

The tested beam

Ultrasonic - Coda wave Test
Sending and receiving Ultrasonic signal in embedded sensors to check any changes inside the concrete during the loading test.  

Ultrasonic Signal

Digital image correlation
Check the progression of cracks during loading by measuring the changes in pictures.

 Gives exact position of selected points before, during and after loading test.

Fiber optics
Give the strain and the frequency of vibration during loading test.

Measure the proper acceleration of the beam during the loading test.

LVDT sensors
Measure the linear displacement and give the flexion of the beam during the loading test.


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